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Employee Benefits in Huntsville

Today, employees expect benefits. Regardless of the size of your business, providing adequate employee benefits is essential to retaining top talent and the most skilled workers in your industry. If you don’t provide the benefits they require, your competitor almost certainly will.

That said, knowing which employee benefits package to choose can be a struggle. With so many options available, it can hard to know which group benefits package is the most relevant and cost-effective for your business—and that is where McBride Benefit Solutions can help.

For years, McBride Benefit Solutions has been and continues to serve the people of Huntsville whenever they need insurance. With our extensive experience helping Huntsville employers find the right group benefit packages for their employees, we guarantee to help you sort through all your options until the right fit is found.

As an independent insurance broker, we have good, long-standing relationships with a wide range of carriers in the Huntsville area. We do all the research and comparisons for the coverage your employees require while offering the most competitive rates. For straightforward advice when navigating the complex world of insurance, call (256) 767-2703 to speak with one of our independent brokers today.

Employee Benefit Plans

As the cost of living continues to rise very few people, regardless of their income bracket, have spendable savings in the event of an emergency. Finding an employer that provides insurance is a necessity for most Alabamans. And not being able to provide that insurance for your employees can damage the credibility of your business.

Our work begins with a thorough analysis of your insurance needs, while taking into account your goals as an employer. We’ll then provide you with a number of different options that best fit your goals and needs, with either a brand-new employee benefit package or a significant upgrade on the insurance package your business already offers.

Your employee benefit plans may include:

Group Health

Group health insurance gives you all the benefits of health insurance at a significantly lower cost. Dependents and spouses can also be added to these plans, which your employees will certainly appreciate.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

This is a limited form of life insurance that is usually less expensive. Although grim, it does show your employees you are prepared should the worst ever happen.

Dental and Vision

Very rarely do people make dental or optical appointments. Usually there has to be significant pain or discomfort before people pursue these types of treatment, which can be costly without insurance. Employees appreciate it when they know having healthy eyes and teeth won’t be a financial burden.

Disability Insurance

Accidents happen. Knowing there’s a safety net makes handling an accident so much easier.

Retirement Plans

We work all our lives to be able to kick back and relax. Showing your employees that their hard work will be rewarded with financial stability after they are done is irreplaceable.

The Best Insurance Package for Your Business

Finding the best employee benefit package has never been easier for Huntsville businesses. It’s simply a phone call away to McBride Benefit Solutions.