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Supplemental Insurance in Florence

Supplemental insurance is extra or additional insurance that you can purchase to help finance services and out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your regular policy. Because supplemental insurance expands on coverage you are already receiving, picking the right policy can be tricky. You don’t want to be paying for extra coverage you may not know is already provided to you. Especially with today’s complex financial marketplace, finding insurance policies is not an easy task.

Fortunately, you have already found an adviser who always works in your best interest at McBride Benefit Solutions. For several years, our independent agency has been overseeing and assisting the people of Florence get tailored packages that offer both protection and peace of mind.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

By in large, when customers come to McBride Benefit Solutions for supplemental insurance, they are looking for Medicare Supplemental Insurance, also known as Medigap. Parts A and B of Medicare cover:

  • Inpatient hospital care
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Blood services
  • Hospice care
  • Medical expenses
  • Outpatient hospital treatment
  • Clinical laboratory services
  • Home health care
  • Some preventative care

But even though this may seem like comprehensive coverage, there are still gaps in the coverage offered. For example, Medicare will only pay for 80 percent of medical expenses. In 2011, the standard Medicare Part A hospital deductible was $1,132 for the first 60 days in the hospital.

By securing supplemental insurance, you won’t be left paying these pricey deductibles or getting blindsided by other, unforeseen expenses by yourself.

Should I Buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Every case is different and there are many different factors that can determine whether you’ll benefit from the additional coverage or not. That said, knowing that you have an umbrella at the ready whenever that rainy day comes is never a bad idea.

This is especially true when you have McBride Benefit Solutions in your corner. We know the different plans, their pricing and what it takes to be eligible, which means we can get you the supplemental insurance that covers your needs and works within your budget.

When you choose McBride Benefit Solutions to make sense of the ever-complex insurance market place, we will provide you with a full assessment and assist you with the level of risk in key areas. Once that’s done, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of your options.

McBride Benefit Solutions has become the most trusted, independent insurance agency in Florence, Alabama because we know the importance of finding the perfect plan. If we do not provide you all the supplemental insurance options you are eligible for, it can be the difference between life and death or prosperity and destitution. So, know that we do not take serving your needs and protecting your family lightly.

With our connections to a wide range of carriers, residents of Florence can rest easy knowing they are covered by McBride Benefit Solutions. To find your perfect supplemental insurance policy, call (256) 767-2703 to speak with one of our highly-trained, experienced and friendly professionals today.

Are Extra Charges Really That Bad?

While purchasing insurance for your insurance can seem like a strange idea, the extra charges that can incur really are that bad. For example, if you must stay in the hospital, original Medicare requires that you pay the aforementioned $1,132. If you have a substantial stay (more than 60 days) you will pay part of each day’s cost after that point. This fee continues to go up the longer you stay.

Doctor visits and prescription drugs are the same. While a percentage is covered you are always going to be expected to pay as well, and when it comes to the cost itself the sky is the limit.

While there is no straightforward average of how much a Medicare supplement plan will save you, you can look at a few factors to make an educated decision.

  • How much you pay for your Part A and Part B and deductibles
  • Which plan will help you fill the gaps
  • Is the monthly premium on that chosen supplement plan lower than your average out-of-pocket cost

Supplement plans K and L have out-of-pocket limits of $5,120 and $2,560 which provides big savings should something like an accident occur.

Choosing a Plan

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a supplement plan, next you have to choose one. At McBride Benefit Solutions, it is our business to know everything about these plans and assist our Florence clients in making the best choice for themselves personally. Decisions we may ask you to make include:

  • Are you working with Original Medicare? If so, you won’t be covered by copayments, coinsurance and deductibles. Do you want these covered?
  • Are you on a Medicare Advantage plan? If this is the case, you cannot use Medigap insurance to pay for costs such as copayments, deductibles and premiums.

Insurance may look like it’s complicated—and it is. But at McBride Benefit Solutions, we’ve got the experience and education to advise you appropriately and make sense of it all.

We pride ourselves on being a go-to company for personalized service in Florence, where you can find access to a wide range of policies all in one place.

We look forward to getting you onto the best plan for your needs.